I am creating dashboards using metrics and am trying to figure out a way to only show the top 15 of specific data.  

Sheet details:

I have one column that contains 298 different locations and the next column is the # of issues at that location for last week.  I have the formulas figured out



I have been creating metrics on my data in smartsheet using the different formulas.  I have figured many out (with a lot of head banging and sleepless nights), but cannot figure out how to use the OR function.  

works: =COUNTIFS({Week}, =$[Date Range]$3, {Month}, $[Date Range]$5, {Year},


I have one column that shows what a risk is ranked as (a score from 1 to 49 with 49 being the most risky). I am trying to put in another column that lets a ranking for the effectiveness of the mitigation planning (score of 1-5) and then have that drive an auto-calculation of the final score of the


I'm looking for a time tracking solution for field employees that integrates with Smartsheet.  In our organization we have a master project list sheet that compiles project data for all of our active projects.  Our field installers are currently logging their time using T Sheets, they're clocking


Within my sheet I have two columns that contain time (hh:mm:ss). In the third cell I am comparing the two columns. If they do not match a statement is posted in a cell stating something is wrong. What I would like to add to the statement is the value from one of the cells containing the time. 



There is a column called "Terminated" and it is a checkbox and 5 other columns with Product1, Product2, Product3, Product4, and Product5 which are also checkboxes. 

I need a formula to COUNTIF "Terminated" is Checked, then COUNT the Product1, Product2, Product3, Product4, and Product5 columns.