I've created a sheet that we use to track our projects.

For each project there could be one invoice we need to pay, or multiple, as the project progresses when the invoice is processed and the checks are sent out to our partners there is a column that indicates the date the invoice processing is


I have a master sheet that rolls up metrics from my projects for reporting on various KPIs to my leadership. I need to sum duration, but when I link the cell from the sheet it comes over as (ex., 43d). The sum doesn't acknowledge the d, so I am unable to sum the total of all days for a project.


Hi Smart Sheet Community!


I am applying a formula to a cell in our project schedule sheets that I found in a couple posts to grab the MAX value of the Modified (Date) column:


=MAX(Modified:Modified) + ""


My colleagues and I will be linking the cell with this formula from our project schedule


Hello, I have a support request on drag and drop dependencies.

  1. SMARTSHEET changes the date, if I drag the predecessor bar to the successor bar
  2. SMARTSHHET looses connection of dependencies if I move a connected bar left or right

This "simple" described problems can be fixed manually by myself but