Hi all,

I have a sheet that is a "database" of about 400 records.  I want other users to be able to input one column of that sheet (Media Company Dropdown) in a form or other sheet and for the next seven columns to autopopulate.  Is this possible?  Would VLOOKUP be a solution?

I've read a few forum


Hello all,

I have been pouring through excel and smartsheet help forums for a couple of days now, and I haven't seen my issue asked or addressed so thought I'd ask here. 

I have, in one column called Terms, cells that contains lists of terms and phrases.  For example, one cell contains the following


I am in the Medical Device industry. I am looking for some bench marking information around what  a well rounded CAPA system Metric should look like. 


For example: What is the typical percentage of CAPA types in your CAPA System. For example: Random numbers here:

78% Corrective

14% Preventive



Is there any updated information for linking cells between sheets with the new UI?

It looks like the direct way is still in tact (where you right-click on the destination cell, click on "Link cell from another sheet", and file through the sheets in a pane on the left until you find the source sheet,



I cannot find a pre existing template in smartsheet templates

Do any smartsheet users have an existing template on their smartsheet account for Supplier/Vendor Performance or Evaluation, preferably with pre defined criteria, and pre formatted score chart and graphs?

If so, are you happy to share


Trying to pull data out of our ERP (epicor) probably .csv format and keep it continuously updated to avoid manual data entry as much as possible. any ideas about how to do this? i am trying to use the data uploader but keep getting this error message.

Thank you for any help in advance.


I have a project schedule with multiple levels of parent rows. In the Duration column, the 2nd and 3rd tiers of parent rows do not subtotal the children underneath them. Is there some other setting or consideration for getting this to roll up properly? Will Smartsheet allow a 2nd or 3rd tier parent