We are using SmartSheet to store multiple sheets that should be created by one person.  This person will share one or more sheets in each of multiple workspaces.

I am writing an application (in C#, hosted on AWS Lambda) that must access each Workspace, and Sheet, and read each Sheet.  I am using


So. I've been working on this Quickbooks & Smartsheet Integration for a couple of years now for my own internal use. 

It has many application & the proof of concept exists and we use it. 

We use it for an approval process (for invoices):

The power of Smartsheet i.e. (approvals, communication, notes)


I've seen so many examples of "Nesting IF" formulas for changing a Harvey Ball to a different color based off of multiple numeric or date scenarios. What I haven't come across is a way to change the ball color based off of verbiage:

Example: I change a cell to Rejected and the ball turns Red. I


I love using the @email-address to send notifications to my team - thanks for adding this feature.

We have a large organization and I find that when I begin to type someone's email, Smartsheet presents a huge list of potential emails and it is challenging to find the right one since I do not have


I am using an IF statement to display the month but when I don't have a date the column is displaying #INVALID DATA TYPE.  I understand why this is happening but I don't know if I can also incorporate the use of an IFERROR statement nested. What is the correct way to eliminate the #INVALID DATA


Hello community!

    I am looking for a seemingly easy solution which I can't find. While the workflow automation helps in many ways, the "actions" available seem to be greatly lacking. For example in google sheets + scripts + triggers, I can have a cell update based on a formula from a time driven