I created a smart sheet that notifies the appropriate lead when someone is requesting access to a project. All the formulas, filters, and alerts are correct.  The issue I'm having is when a form is filled out a new row is created the formulas aren’t being placed in the appropriate cells so the


Hello everyone:)

I currently have a sheet populated via a web form. There are several people assigned to tasks.

My goal is to have an auto number column to populate a prefix & suffix, based off the person assigned & their corresponding ticket number. I don't know if this is even possible. 

Lets say


I have contract information entered into my sheet via Web Form. The users are allowed to enter multiple products in at once but asked to keep information pertaining to them in the same sequential order throughout the form entry. I am looking to see if it’s possible to take multiple text dates


I have one sheet that has metrics for a few of my employees, I was hoping there was a way to get the drop down menu function for each employee transferred onto a Dashboard highlighting everyone's metrics.

*The drop downs show their total sales for each month, and even quarter, down to how many