Hi everyone!

Im having issues with a status column. My goal is to update the status if a job has hit 10 days or more and has not been approved yet. I was going to trigger it by using the (system column) "Last Modified" 

Here's the problem: If someone only "views" the sheet & doesn't make any


Hi Smartsheet community, 

I'm trying to come up with a status report to display information on what has been done in our projects between certain dates. I would really appreciate your expertise and help!!!

For example:

Project A Status Report for the period 04/Nov/19 - 17/Nov/19

What I want to show


Greetings -

I'm having an issue trying to flag duplicates from 2 separate columns in the same sheet. I have been able to flag duplicates in a single stand-alone column but trying to using the same formula with the "COUNTIFS" function is leaving the flagged cell blank (as seen in row 2 of the


First of all, english is not my native langage, please excuse my mistakes.


Hello all,


I have a smartsheet with several external counterparts (customers and providers). I manage the smartsheet which is not shared and nobody is able to reach / open it.

I send requests for update with automatic


I've been trying to find a solution to this but I'm coming up empty.  Long story short, we use a Smartsheet form through a web browser on a phone to collect information.  It's sort of an inventory process.  At the bottom of the form there is the option to submit files or photos in which we take