I am working on producing a report which pulls from a Task sheet (database) based on certain specific tasks and specific statuses.  Each task has an "Assigned to" cell which contains a restricted list of contacts (our employees).  

I have been asked to sort the resulting report by the "Assigned to"


I want to limit the number of characters that a requester can enter into a cell via a form. The use case is that the user is entering a new request for consideration into an Intake Form. In assigning a name to their project request, we want to limit them to no more than 25 characters, based on


Hello all,

I have been pouring through excel and smartsheet help forums for a couple of days now, and I haven't seen my issue asked or addressed so thought I'd ask here. 

I have, in one column called Terms, cells that contains lists of terms and phrases.  For example, one cell contains the following



I cannot find a pre existing template in smartsheet templates

Do any smartsheet users have an existing template on their smartsheet account for Supplier/Vendor Performance or Evaluation, preferably with pre defined criteria, and pre formatted score chart and graphs?

If so, are you happy to share


Hi Everyone!

I would like to know if you are able to use date columns when automating a progress bar.  Basically dates are entered as product moves to a new stage in the process. As the dates fill in, the progress bar fills as well. I've used nested IF formulas for automating a progress bar but, for


Building a kanban board with typical IT cycle states: Ready, Dev, Test, Deploy, Done.  I'd like to track cycle times and throughput.  I've created (locked) columns to capture a status change for each of the cycle states; e.g. Dev Start and formula "=IF(Status@row = "Dev", TODAY())". That works to


I am looking for any method that could help me obtain the desired results.  I have a tracking sheet titled “PM Sales Tracking” and within the tracking sheet there is a column that is called “Design Request” I have edited the column properties(design request) to a “dropdown list” with values of “yes