A Viewer has little reason to need to see a formula in a column that is being displayed to them in a Report.

Please remove the hover for the Formula (the other hover that displays the full contents (display value) of the cell is OK, just hide the formulas.

Or tell me why this is a good feature.


We are experiencing issues with "links to unknown sheets" popping up.  See image attached.

  • We are saving the sheet that the link is going to as a new sheet (almost like using it as a back up), but we are clicking so that the "links do not carry over", so it should not be happening from this task.
  • We


Hi Smartsheet Community,

Our company works with customers on projects for a set period of time. When a project is complete, we archive completed projects for internal use, but we no longer need our customers to view or edit sheets and sights in Smartsheet.

When a project ends, is there is way to



I have a sheet I'd like to share with others, but not have them be able to directly edit the info in the columns. Instead, I'd like them to use the comments as well as use a form to submit requests. The form fields would correspond to the columns in the sheet and their submissions would appear