Our security certification requires that we provide answers to several key security questions for every project (risk assessment, project justification, etc) and I was wondering what the best way to handle that in Smartsheet would be.  They're not really tasks, since it's just several sentences for



Implement a pop-up warning to alert someone and verify that they want to delete a row.  You do it for unlocking rows, and that's nothing compared to deleting a row.


Give us a new user level with edit access but no ability to delete rows

or make it impossible to delete a row if



I'd like to pin or lock or freeze a column from being edited as that information is going to archiving and doesn't need to be edited for the next 10 years. But I don't want to delete it accidentally, or edit the column contents.

It seems like the lock only prevents Editors from changing the


The new dashboard feature for Smartsheet says we can embed power BI reports by publishing to web, but doing that in Power BI makes your report public to everyone. How can I embed while still mainting privacy as these reports have company information?

There is a Power BI option that allows you to



I am looking to give a specific user access to editing a locked column. 

The background: 

We have a list of projects that are NOT to be started until our finance director approves said project. As the project manger, I am owner of these sheets. To prevent other users from approving projects of their