I have three "what if" schedules that I'm trying to pull into a single report.  They are simply named Scenario 1, Scenario 2, and Scenario 3.  No matter what order I select them, the resulting report has #3 in first position, #1 in second, and #2 in last.

I did a bulky workaround by adding a Helper


I've got formulas in my sheet that calculate due dates that fall on weekends, and I've used conditional formatting to highlight those dates to alert me to those dates that are on Saturdays and Sundays.  Now, I want to move those dates to the Monday next.  Is there a way to automate that?



The sheet that I am working with is used to track agreements my department works with. Two of the data points (among many) that we capture is the agreement type within a drop-down and the signature date. I would like to capture the total "Amendment"'s from the drop-down list with a signature



I use one large sheet to manage many different legal tasks across my team (1,000 rows currently). The sheet is divided to many sub sections/categories, main tasks, sub tasks etc. Wanting to add a new main task to a category, the user needs to scroll down to find the right category which is time