I'm new to smartsheets and am not an excel expert, but I've been building some sheets and workflows and have a question about more advanced capabilities of the program. 

I'm hoping there's a way to automatically track inventory usage based on information input into a separate smartsheet form?  I


Hallo! Currently, we have an Excel sheet, which I would like to transfer in Smartsheet. However I cannot find a way to do so, so hopefully someone can help me.

As seen in the picture, every row is an own project and every column (except the first with the name of the project) is a certain day, like


I have a report that is set to show rows that have a "Date Published" column where the Date is equal to today or is in the past.  For examples sake 12 rows in total. 4 rows have a past date, 4 rows have today's date, and 4 rows have no date or a date in the future.

When viewing the report directly,