I have recently discovered the Gmail to Smartsheet and found it works really well for my work!

I just have one question though - when I populate a new row in a sheet through the gmail integration the new row appears at the bottom of my sheet rather than the top. Is there a way I can set this


We are looking to establish a daily import of our project portfolio into SS via a CSV file.  When I look at the task import schema, I cannot see a way for SS to identify the parent and child relationships between the tasks.  This means we cannot import nested tasks and the task hierarchy.


Do you


Trying to pull data out of our ERP (epicor) probably .csv format and keep it continuously updated to avoid manual data entry as much as possible. any ideas about how to do this? i am trying to use the data uploader but keep getting this error message.

Thank you for any help in advance.


I am working with PO#'s in a smart sheet and joining this data with a SQL database to combine a few tables.  I use a visualization program called DOMO that I use to import the smart sheet data and the SQL data and join within the program to make one dataset.  The problem I am having is when I import