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Further to a considerable amount of Community requests for a way to Update Dropdown Lists in just one sheet, then have that list Automagically populate all the other Smartsheets that reference that list.

Our Developers, using the Smartsheet API have created just that solution, in fact we have


We currently use a portfolio sheet that tracks our pipeline of clients and organizes them by stages. We love this sheet as it provides us with very useful management level information.  However, it does not allows us to manage the "work".  It just gives us an overview - which is the intention.  



Hi all,


I was searching on the Smartsheet community, but i could not find the best solution for my issue.

Basically, in my company, everytime that a production finishes, i receive via e-mail the test results for the specific product. With those results, later on, i must issue a document to the


I am new to the forum, so if I am not searching correct terms please let me know.  And if there is already a thread on this directing me to it would be very helpful.

I was wondering if there is any way that I can actually update a schedule (finish dates), on a mobile device while I am walking a


With the Jira Connector, is it possible to pull all the sprints into Smartsheet based on the sprint as the unique item/key, not the individual issues? I'd like to better see all our sprints across all our teams and report based on the most recently closed sprints in a given project.

Since I can't