Hi Folks,

We have an intake sheet / form and a separate project sheet.

Goal is to automatically copy specific fields from new rows in the Intake sheet (source) to a different Project sheet (destination) each time a new row is entered by users.

When a new row is entered, we want to copy (as a new


Hi - I have created a dashboard to show pie charts of my data. My problem is that the pie chart wants to include every single row as a data point, I only want to show the parent rows and not the children. I used the formula "=Count(Ancestors(row))". This gives me a 0,1,or 2 based on how many


Each time a row is added (which is requiring an approval) i need the sheet to export the new data, to either an excel spreadsheet or google doc and upload to a secure site.  The other option would be to do this based on frequency like nightly, but I guess the real question for me, and yes I am both


Am I missing something? I've been trying to push the start date of a project from the intake sheet (via intake form date input field) without success. 

Upon spinning up the project in SCC, I get the error:

  • Failed to update template field(s) for "Project Profile Data" (Code: 5536 - Message: The value


There are options to send sheets and reports on a recurring basis, but there is currently NO way to send a Dashboard as an email attachment on a recurring basis. The dashboard link is difficult to view on an ipad or mobile device.

We would love to see the option to send a dashboard as a pdf or png


I am using MS Forms to collect information and using an integration through Flow to insert responses into Smartsheet. Answers that require a # (I.E. salary or years experience) are being inserted into Smartsheet with an ' before the number which results in my formulas not working. I need to find a