While I appreciate consultants, I'm not currently seeking to hire anyone to do this for me, I just have general questions to accomplish my goals.

My direct supervisor sends out a request for certain data to various people on his staff once a month.  It's a "Service Report" of sorts that



Could we have a form generated as PDF in Smartsheet and sent by email to a specific user (email address)? So this user could fill it and send it again.

I checked we could have the form sent as link by email, but I need to know if it is feasible to transform it to PDF and send it by email.




I have a report that looks perfectly fine when viewing in Smartsheet but when exported to a PDF it throws in a grey fill. There is a conditional formatting that specifically says if the "Resource name headers" column is blank, keep that cell white - and it's a higher priority than everything


Good afternoon

I am creating a bid invitation sheet and need to list GC bidders per each job (row).

  1. How do I create an autofill for these cells based on a directory I have created?
  2. and once the GC is selected in this cell how do I autofill the column next to it with one of their many estimators at