Hello Everyone!

I am needing help with the SUMIFS formula for cross sheet reference but when I enter multiple criteria, it returns a value of 0. What I am trying to accomplish is a sum for Sheet-2 based on multiple criteria from Sheet-1:

Criteria from Sheet-1

  • Job ID
    • 216116
  • Cost Code ID
    • 7
    • 15
    • 16



I am not having any luck searching for a solution to this. My company has a production schedule in Excel. It changes daily. Builds get added, removed and moved around on a regular basis. We have two different engineering departments that are managing their work load in Smartsheet. The two


Hello community!

    I am looking for a seemingly easy solution which I can't find. While the workflow automation helps in many ways, the "actions" available seem to be greatly lacking. For example in google sheets + scripts + triggers, I can have a cell update based on a formula from a time driven


Here is the deal.  I run a wedding video studio.  I just made a smartsheet questionnaire (form) to have all of our videographers answer from the smartsheet app on their phones at the end of the shoot to inform the editors of anything they need to know about, etc.  One of the questions asks them to


Hi Folks,

We have an intake sheet / form and a separate project sheet.

Goal is to automatically copy specific fields from new rows in the Intake sheet (source) to a different Project sheet (destination) each time a new row is entered by users.

When a new row is entered, we want to copy (as a new