Previously, I've been able to C&P multiple sections from an external document, and Smartsheet would automatically separate each section into separate rows in a selected column correctly. Now, the functionality doesn't work. What settings, or formatting, has changed? How do I get this to work



I have been able to merge data from a smartsheet into a Google Doc Template using the 

smartsheet merge add-on. Works great. But,

is it also possible to do the same thing but then in a Microsoft Word Document ?

I have been asked that question by Microsoft users.

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Here is a demonstration of a feature I created using SmartSheet's API.

Let's say you want to print all or some content of a row. Or perhaps you want a nicely formatted and easy to read view of the row. The specific use case addressed here is to print a copy of a school library order for new


Having an entire dialog for text and number formats would make much more sense to me.. combine the currency, percentage, thousands and decimal places into it's own dialog box.

We really NEED a way to save and modify the formatting of common things. So as to have them available and globally


This may be a very specific problem but I appreciate any help! 


I am collecting a certain set of data from people and what I would like to do is provide an Excel template for folks and once they return the template, upload their data into Smartsheet. I know that any import creates a brand new