Hey Team,

I'm hoping there's a way that I can export row data to a slide presentation (pptx or Slides) similar to the way I can export row data to Google Docs.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Ideally each row would export to a different slide, and each slide would be in one presentation, but I'd be


My apologies if this has already been covered, but I didn't see anything specific to this subject when searching.

I have a Excel sheet that has 45,000 + rows. The data in the rows are filled by 2 columns - United States Zip Code's and city's linked to those zip codes. This Excel sheet is used as a



I would like to know if you are able to expand a row into a dashboard view. For example, if one row shows a project I am working on, and I have included several notes.. is there a way I can blow it up into a quick view of all items of included in the row (notes, dates, etc.). I would like to



I found online that it says when you download a sheet into an Excel sheet that it does not keep the formulas as they are different.

Now just in case, I thought I'd ask: Is there a work around for this at all? Is there absolutely no way to keep your formulas when you transfer them to an


Hello Everyone!

I am needing help with the SUMIFS formula for cross sheet reference but when I enter multiple criteria, it returns a value of 0. What I am trying to accomplish is a sum for Sheet-2 based on multiple criteria from Sheet-1:

Criteria from Sheet-1

  • Job ID
    • 216116
  • Cost Code ID
    • 7
    • 15
    • 16



I am not having any luck searching for a solution to this. My company has a production schedule in Excel. It changes daily. Builds get added, removed and moved around on a regular basis. We have two different engineering departments that are managing their work load in Smartsheet. The two