We're new to Smartsheet and our web and content team are going to have multiple tasks that are going to be repeated again and again. We're going to create a checklist of steps for each one, for example, steps for creating an e-book.  Since we're going to be creating lots and lots of e-books, should


Our team is looking for a way to count the number of projects of three distinct types.  I have them located within three different folders.  I do not want to have to use cell linking.  A user should be able to create a new project without having to open a summary sheet and create a new cell link.


In a column using a dropdown list of options, it would be great if autofill was smarter - specifically, if it would suggest options based on any word in the list of options, not just the first word.

For example:

Typing "West" should bring up options like "Broadway Street West" or "Northwest


We track all our promos on one sheet.  Some of them run one day, some of them run for several days, some of them run more or less permanently.  I need a view of everything running on a given day.  The filters do not appear to permit this.  Any ideas?  Ideally, would like this to run in calendar and