I am looking for a way to "connect" two Smartsheets that track a variety of projects (one for 2019, one for 2020). Curious to see if anyone has done this, recognizing that some work may extend into the next year, and if there are any lessons learned / pro-tips in creating and maintaining


Hi everyone,

I've searched through the community but couldn't find the right solution.

I need to feed specific sales metrics into a dashboard but want it to update, according to the Today column. I receive the previous months information on the 15th of each month, so the formula would need to cover


has anyone come up with a creative way to combine a template with a cover letter? So example - we use smartsheet to gather requirements, we want to deliver those requirements to our customer at the end of the project in a polished package. Right now, we use the export to PDF, and add a few notes in