It would be helpful if you could scroll through the Gantt view of a report, separately from the Task view, when looking at a report that is embedded within a Dashboard.  Today, there is only a single horizontal scrollbar and you can quickly lose sight of the associated tasks as you scroll to the


I know that SmartSheet can distinguish between tasks that are regular tasks, or milestones, or summary tasks (because of how it represents them on a Gantt chart), but how can I leverage this information when I am trying to build a report on just milestones or just summary tasks?  Is there some way


I have set up a Smartsheet for JIRA Workflow and keep getting the below error message (screenshot also attached) for any rows created in Smartsheet (vs. ones originating in JIRA):

Invalid response from JIRA. statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Bad Request statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Bad Request

What I


We're new to Smartsheet and our web and content team are going to have multiple tasks that are going to be repeated again and again. We're going to create a checklist of steps for each one, for example, steps for creating an e-book.  Since we're going to be creating lots and lots of e-books, should