When you initially send out a proof in Smartsheet you get a button to "Review Proof" which sends you to a full screen mode to review the image.

However, whenever you got back to review that proof for that row it only opens it up within the sheet, in a much smaller window. Does anyone know if there


I created a basic project sheet and have been filling in tasks for two main deliverables (both shown as parent rows). Under those two parent rows are several child rows. However, the % Complete column is only auto-calculating for one of those two parent rows. The other remains at 0% no matter what I


I was hoping I could get some help here. 

So I've decided to create a status for each of the tasks my employee is working on. 

Categories include: 


On Deck

In Progress 

Not Started

There is a checkbox column for each category.


IF([On Deck]@row=1, "On Deck"





I'd like to do the following 

IF([Done]@row=1,"Complete),IF([Target Date]@row<14, "On Deck",<leave unchanged>)

Is the whole concept of leave unchanged an option? 

Because I'd like to keep the default that a person selected as the status, unless it's for an item that's complete as indicated by