Hi Community—

Need some advice.

My team uses an Excel spreadsheet to track account updates. Weekly we add a column to the right and the team inputs a paragraph of text. So the existing Excel sheet is up to column "AH" since we are at calendar week W42. So next week ... "AI" and so on. The previous



Is it possible to apply the properties of a column to a row? I want to be able to update the status of each column in a single row. I'm not able to identify where and how to do this; please see my attached screenshot. 

Currently, I have a column titled Status (circled in the screenshot). I



I've created a project schedule template that I will use for multiple projects throughout the year (avg. 100). This template has a total of 4 different alerts/actions. The template will default to a subject line like this one for a notification: 

- "Changes to Schedule #1: Project w/Professional