The basic ask is to calculate a projected due date based on historical data and duration that a certain task takes. So if x, y, and z parameters are checked, it will find the average amount of time (from a different sheet) that those parameters take and then calculate a suggested due date. 

I want


Hi all - First Discussion here. I am trying to use a formula that will populate a cell with "Not Started", "In Progress" or "Completed" based on the condition of eight cells in the same row have data in them or not.I have created two formulas that work in part but cannot figure out how to properly


Hello SmartSheet community!

I'd like to double check with you if Smartsheets gantt charts has the posibility of displaying multiple dates in one row, I know there's been several posts regarding this topic, but I was hoping maybe the tool has been updated?

If not, is there's an easy work around to