I have a simple math equation in one of my cells, and in place of one of the numbers I would like to reference a count of cells with dates in them in a certain column.

My equation is: =100 - (((60 / 477) * 100))  (this returns a number in a percentage format) and I would like to replace the number


Hi, we principally use smartsheets to generate Gantt charts for our various projects. Ideally we would like to set up conditional formatting (for example task-bar color) for all of the children of different parents. 

So for example, let's say "Phase 1" of a project is the parent, we would like an


Hi all - I cannot figure out what's going wrong here.


I'm trying to count rows in another sheet ("Sheet A") where both the following are true:

  • Done = 0
  • IsChild = 0

My formula is: 

  • =COUNTIFS({Sheet A Range 2}, 0, {Sheet A Range 4}, 0)


Now this works perfectly!


So in a cell right below that


Hi everyone,


I'm pretty new to smartsheet so I may be asking your help for something that is quite easy to do :)


I have an excel formula that I need to migrate to smartsheet to help me transform seconds in HH:MM:SS


The excel formula is =TEXT(IF(I4="";50;I4)/(24*60*60);"hh:mm:ss") & ":00"




Good morning.  I joined the webinar yesterday regarding Template Sets and we've already begun creating a sheet for our projects using one of these template sets.  Great job Smartsheet!!!  We love the compatibility you have created with Project and this will definitely benefit us in the very near