I am working to create an automation off of the date modified field. This is to alert users if they have not updated a row in more than 4 days. Since the date modified field is not recognized as a date field I created a copy of the column using the basic formula: 

=[Last Modfied]1

My results



I have created a report to use on a dashboard for showing the number of job cards to print for our workshop. The report is shown below, and you can see that there are different amount of jobs to be printed for each workshop:

Report Image

You will see on here that there is:

  • 3x for the FASTRACK Workshop
  • 10x



I created a form for people to confirm they've read my info. Sent the link to the form. The link works for me, I've received confirmation that I've used the form. But when I log into my account, the form does not show up on the list of sheets, nor is it located in the "manage forms" section.



I have a master vendor list sheet that contains a checkbox column for vendor type.  I would like to create a new sheet that pulls over just the vendors that have the vendor type column checked.  I need a separate sheet so I can use it for widget in my dashboard.  I don't want to filter or



I am trying to use the following formula: 

=IF[Due Date] <=7, "Red", 

IF[Due Date] > 7 and <=14, "Yellow")

IF [Due Date] > 14 and < 30, "Green")

How do I do that, I tried to create a new column to show the colors, but I keep getting Invalid Operation. 

=IF(([Due Date]1) > 7, (AND([Due Date]1) <