Here is my IF formula:

=IF([% Complete]3 = 0, "Red", IF([% Complete]3 = 1, "Green", "Yellow"))

It works great for green and everything else not so much.

What I want it to do is calculate based off of percent complete.  so if less than 50% complete it should be red, if less than 75% yellow


Can't figure this out.. I have form with 4 fields in it. The user picks drop downs off of each of the 4 questions and saves the form.  In the sheet, I have a 5th column that concatenates all of the 4 fields. (It basically builds a unique name for each of our customer audits) and looks like this..


Each time a row is added (which is requiring an approval) i need the sheet to export the new data, to either an excel spreadsheet or google doc and upload to a secure site.  The other option would be to do this based on frequency like nightly, but I guess the real question for me, and yes I am both




I'm drawing a blank on why this filter is not working correctly. I process the archive of the data in this log and will archive every week the items that are 21 days or older. This is how I have my archive set up and it always returns items that were submitted today (which most certainly