Hi guys.

I use SmartSheet to track clients, jobs and opportunities. I have a sheet for each.

For the most part, it works well. But the one area it's letting me down is linking relevant records.

I'd like to be able to go to the client card and see all their jobs and opportunities. And I'd like to be


I submitted an email to support yesterday but have not heard back.

I'm having an issue where I uncheck attachments I do not want to upload to SS and it's ignored and uploaded anyway. I then go into SS and delete those attachments. 

For a lengthy email chain, there could be a lot of jpg's from


I am trying to combine several text elements into an image attribution for each row on my sheet. Here's my formula:

="American Society for Microbiology " + Category1 + ". " + Title1 + ", " + SubmitterFirstName1 + " " + SubmitterLastName1 + IF(ISBLANK([Co-creator #1, Name]1), "", ", " + [Co-creator



I am trying to implement the following formula from my excel spreadsheet into my smartsheet:

=INT(O2-Q2)&" Days "&HOUR(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Hour "&MINUTE(MOD(O2-Q2,1))&" Minutes"

Basically, i need to calculate the time between two columns (date received) and (date documents issued) in days, hours and