I'd like to be able to create a macro or VBA code that would allow me to create a job folder on our local server using data from my smartsheet.

The VBA code in Access looks like this:

Private Sub cmdCreateCaseFolder_Click()

If Dir("\\MA021SFS01\NorthEast_EWP\2018CaseFolders\" & Me.Project# & "-" &


I would like the ability to send an automated email to a sheet assignee at a certain time with attachments linked on that line in the smartsheet.  preferrably I would like to be able to create a user group instead of a single assignee so that the email can be sent to multiple people but at this time


I have a text column that has formulas and conditional formatting already added to it preventing me from changing the column type to a dropdown list.  It is spread across several years of spreadsheets making a larger conversion to a list time consuming. 

I have a request for Report Filters to have



We're using Smartsheet in our R&D department to manage product development. In order for us to make a next step in using Smartsheet functionality and building more complex dashboards, we are looking for Smartsheet users in The Netherlands or Benelux. 


Please reach out to me if you are or


I would like to be able to import an Excel file without formatting.

Use Case:

I have a customer using an (older?) ERP. The ERP can export to Excel. After row 99 of data, the Excel file changes format. They probably thought that was a feature. 

I'd like to import the Excel file to Smartsheet without