Hi folks, 

This article about a SmartSheet competitor, Airtable, has been making the rounds in my little universe of technology products researchers. https://medium.com/@WeWorkUX/the-atomic-unit-of-research-insight-17d619…

As user researchers, our job is to understand users of our products - their


A Viewer has little reason to need to see a formula in a column that is being displayed to them in a Report.

Please remove the hover for the Formula (the other hover that displays the full contents (display value) of the cell is OK, just hide the formulas.

Or tell me why this is a good feature.


Use Case:

I have Sheet with lots of columns. Lots. 100 or more.

I have a Report designed for a specific role and task set.

The Report has a few columns. Two or more but less than 10. Limited view of the data.

On the Row Menu, there is an Edit option that allows the user to see the Row in vertical


When creating a link to a URL, for example in a Dashboard shortcut widget, please allow us to copy and paste from a valid hyperlink, even if that hyperlink is only in a cell in Smartsheet.

Use Case:

I create a hyperlink to the Form

1. Open Sheet.

2. Open Forms

3. Copy URL of desired Form

4. Open


I folks. I think I found an edge-case in your new cross-sheet formula system.

I wrote some index formulae to pull related data from other sheets when the user chose some options from a list. All was working, and I was able to link, customize and test the named ranges.  I got my two sheets converted


I would like to be able to Refresh a Workspace without Refreshing the browser window.

Two primary reasons:

Reason #1: I am likely an edge-case, but here is my situation.

I have Smartsheet open in three browser windows (which Browser does not matter, they all exhibit this behavior) 

Note: browser --