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Further to a considerable amount of Community requests for a way to Update Dropdown Lists in just one sheet, then have that list Automagically populate all the other Smartsheets that reference that list.

Our Developers, using the Smartsheet API have created just that solution, in fact we have


When I try to sign in to Skype for Business, there will be a pop up for the sign in, but it quickly goes away and tries to do it all over again. I am using Google Chrome, and there are a few more people in our office having similar


Is it possible for an email to automatically be added into a smartsheet?  Just like a form entry gets added,  can someone send an email to a particular email address that is automatically added to a smartsheet?   I saw an old post about this from a few years ago but want to know if this is something


I am trying to get data from smartsheet API. When I use postman and nodejs in separate server code, it works.

But if I use the API inside the Ionic with HttpClient (@angular/http) it gives CORS issue with run in browser.

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I've been using Smartsheet for about 12 months now and have been active on the Community site for most of that time. During this time I have seen requests for fundamental features like multiple resources, access to time, project baselines etc. go through the same lip service mouse wheel scenario.


Is there any update on when this feature will be implemented? I cannot believe it is still not possible to assign a task to multiple resources. 

We are going to need to move to another site soon if this issue is not resolved. It seems crazy that after 12 years, this essential feature still does not


I've seen posts going back 3 years that address this subject, and it's little mind blowing that a feature as basic and essential as this does not seem to be possible yet. My team works on multiple projects each day, and each project has at least three different team members assigned to it at once.