Hello all,

I have been pouring through excel and smartsheet help forums for a couple of days now, and I haven't seen my issue asked or addressed so thought I'd ask here. 

I have, in one column called Terms, cells that contains lists of terms and phrases.  For example, one cell contains the following


I have a problem. When Smartsheet sends the form on request to an area.

I need to know if after receiving a project from a form, to be able to assign a resource and the date of assignment I can only do it from an update? or there are other ways of being able to assign people and date of assignment,


We are wondering if anyone knows how to build a public facing sheet that has a search box where customers could type in a word or two and then have it return any hits. The data that would be searched could be linked to another sheet and that file would not need to be viewable on the public one. Is