It seems service is restored?  Is it stable?  The Status page has not been updated and my email to the support center hasn't been answered yet.....but I am able to log back in.  Is there any news on the root cause.  This caused a huge impact to getting work done today in the system and I wasted a



We are using SmartSheet to store multiple sheets that should be created by one person.  This person will share one or more sheets in each of multiple workspaces.

I am writing an application (in C#, hosted on AWS Lambda) that must access each Workspace, and Sheet, and read each Sheet.  I am using


We use smartsheets to run our customer projects.  The approach we have used to date is to create a workspace for each customer, with the necessary sheets - all from a template.  This works really well, as the customers need to review and contribute to several of the sheets that we use, and the



I need to add up the following: 

1) All Labeled as Country X from a Qualitative field that is requiring me to use the FIND function. 

2) All labeled as AreaY across 3 columns (I have tried selecting all columns as a range and also just selecting the relevant rows as well). 

Currently using:


TLDNR (short version)


GOAL – everything in reports / sheets to be on one row per project

PROBLEM – I run out of columns and reports won’t merge data from multiple sheets to one row.



(long version)


Typical spreadsheets can present as one project row and all it’s details in columns to the


Good Afternoon, I wanted to check to see if there are any users in the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry and if so, could you share what you are using it for? I am a new user and still learning all its capabilities. I see that there is a large Healthcare following but not sure about the P&C



I'm trying to setup a "Line Quantity" of children where the primary column contains a 5 digit number. These numbers indicate line items of a purchase order and have a hierarchy themselves. The numbers that are considered the parent end in 000 with all the items that are children end in