We are trying to set up the sheet so that when a particular task is checked off as "Received or Done" it sends an Alert to the correct team member.  We have a systems column to allow us to set it up to be row specific to the task, but it isn't working.  Please see the screenshot below.  Thank you in



I am setting up a staffing leave Smartsheet for my team and unfortunately I am getting the #INVALID DATA TYPE error message.

There are 2 formulae set up within the sheet:

Leave Remaining (the dark grey row) is calculated as follows: =[Leave Allowance] - Taken + [Leave Bought] + Carried +


Hi all,


i need to make some updates on my spreadsheets, that were not made on due time.

But i don't want to confuse people by triggering notifications and alerts of actions already completed.

Is there any way of deactivating all the "Alerts & Actions" at the same time, and then activating them