Hi all,

Been trying to look for my solution here, but i can't seem to find it. Hopefully someone can help me.

I have a supplier approval database with supplier info, several checkboxes for required docs, etc.

Also have an approval column, and then an approval reference column.

What i intend to do


Hi! I am trying to create a Master Project sheet that would include subprojects inside of the same sheet. Basically so I can track the dates and overlapping of tasks in the subprojects. 

Is this something that Smartsheets can do? I know I can do it in MS Project and just add each subproject as it's


I'm trying to automatically apply a formula to an entire column that concatenates info from cells in a given row into a document name, once data is entered into those cells. The only way I've been able to accomplish this so far is to just copy/ paste or drag the formula as data is entered in a new


I  have a project plan that was sent to me in a Excel spreadsheet that I'm trying to import into Smartsheet; after some trial and error, I've fixed up the fields but even with duration, start, end date and predeccesors enabled, I cannot get the % complete column to populate.


The system shows a message "Unable to create cross-sheet references because this sheet already contains the maximum number of different cross sheet references" .  How many references we can do?  I am using a sheet that has information of 13 sheets combine. (like a summary sheet).  I like the summary


Hi all,


Been searching about this, but could not find anything so far. Hopefully you can help me.

I am just starting to make use of the multi select dropdown list.

So i have a spreadsheet with some information in the first few columns. Then comes the multi select dropdownlist column. And then,



I can't seem to figure out how to trigger a new Workflow on an existing data set.

I created a Move Row Workflow that is triggered by a change in my Status column and where there is a date present in another column (two conditions).

I am having to change the Status from Completed, save it,