Hi folks, 

This article about a SmartSheet competitor, Airtable, has been making the rounds in my little universe of technology products researchers. https://medium.com/@WeWorkUX/the-atomic-unit-of-research-insight-17d619…

As user researchers, our job is to understand users of our products - their


Hi There

I use Smart Sheet 32 bit ODBC component to connect to SmartSheet and pull data to SQL server. Suddenly I see errors randomly. 

There has been a random error appearing each time the SSIS package is run (SSIS package uses ODBC provided by Smarsheet), it is not stable with one sheet missing



I am hoping someone can see what i am missing here :)  attempting to try out status view ..

We would like each part of our group have a different status view in order to see only what pertains to them .  and a place for them to fill out a request form.

I created a status view - see image 1


I am wondering if someone has some advice on the best infrastructure columns to add to project sheets to enable formatting, portfolio rollups, metrics, etc.  

I current have automated checkbox hidden columns for parent, child, ancestors, milestones, status (based on due date).

What other hidden