Please can someone suggest an dynamic alternative for Smartsheet to the FILTER function that Google Sheets have to include in a report.

I have a list of Asset I.D's that have multiple statuses at any given time. I would like to capture each Asset I.D assigned to each person according to the


Hey Team,

I'm hoping there's a way that I can export row data to a slide presentation (pptx or Slides) similar to the way I can export row data to Google Docs.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Ideally each row would export to a different slide, and each slide would be in one presentation, but I'd be



I built a Fund Allocation Request form that makes people produce PDF for printing at the end of the process.  To be able to produce the PDF, I use Smartsheet Merge.  But I ran into an issue of confidentiality.  Since the form is a finance thing, we don't want the users to see how much funds are