I have salesman that use pdf fillable forms for company use. I created a sheet that has all the forms in it as attachments. When using the desktop version they click on the attachment and it brings up the file and they file in the information and can print it. They are unable to do this in there



Please can someone suggest an dynamic alternative for Smartsheet to the FILTER function that Google Sheets have to include in a report.

I have a list of Asset I.D's that have multiple statuses at any given time. I would like to capture each Asset I.D assigned to each person according to the


Hey Team,

I'm hoping there's a way that I can export row data to a slide presentation (pptx or Slides) similar to the way I can export row data to Google Docs.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Ideally each row would export to a different slide, and each slide would be in one presentation, but I'd be



I built a Fund Allocation Request form that makes people produce PDF for printing at the end of the process.  To be able to produce the PDF, I use Smartsheet Merge.  But I ran into an issue of confidentiality.  Since the form is a finance thing, we don't want the users to see how much funds are