Kruse Ludington


A workspace was shared with me, and I was made an editor who can share.

For a specific SmartSheet in a subfolder underneath that workspace - how do I request to the owner that I want to be an admin of that SmartSheet in order to set up conditional formatting, send automatic alerts, etc.? I do not



Has anyone successfully used dates to pull totals?

I'm trying to do the following:

Columns: Start Date | End Date | Status

                1/2/18           1/10/18     Completed

                1/5/18           1/7/18       Completed

                1/5/18                               Open


I have a sheet with multiple countif formula referencing data from multiple sheets. 

From this single sheet, I have created a vital live data dashboard for multiple users to view and make decisions based on it.  

However, when I log back into my for some reason I see the totals in the dashboard