I think it's best explained with an example... We have 5 checkboxes that we will just call 1 through 5 for simplicity. User 1 selects 1, 3 and 5. User 2 selects 4. User 3 selects 1 and 2.


The sheet layout (column headers in bold):

User       1            2          3          4          5


As the Smartsheet Admin, I create most of the Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards for the Executive team.  When we transfer ownership of all Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards to the Executives, their Dashboard Chart Widgets all state "Source Missing".

Smartsheet's Help Desk provided this response:  "...



I have noticed that charts within a dashboard do not display and throw up a message: "The source data for this chart has changed" when they are pointed at sheets or reports where the value is zero / 0.

This is problematic for me since I have created a dashboard for a template set of sheets


Hello everyone:)

I currently have a sheet populated via a web form. There are several people assigned to tasks.

My goal is to have an auto number column to populate a prefix & suffix, based off the person assigned & their corresponding ticket number. I don't know if this is even possible. 

Lets say



I am trying to show a series of data statuses. Currently, all of the status are "Open" (work has not started). I have all of the options selected as data for the chart, but SmartSheet does not allow me to assign a color until the values are greater than "0".

Is there any way I can preset these


Hi everyone!

We currently use Salesforce, Quip & Smartsheet however, we have not yet added the integration to sync them. Can anyone tell me what the huge advantage is to justify the price of the integration? The video links are a bit vague & I need to provide a few good reasons, other than an auto