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I'm wondering if anyone can help me out.

My current client has one program where each staff (4 in total) each individually have their own projects. I created a sheet for them to use that has these columns:

Task Name. Start. Finish. % Complete. Status. Assigned To. Done. Risks. Risks &


I would like to have the option to tell links to open in the same tab for my dashboards. I have some internal company wide sheets that I have shared by publishing in order to bypass setting up permissions to all of the pages. Where I have files they are linked instead of published to prevent access


Hi everyone,


TL;DR : When will we be able to have dynamic dropdown for a column / field in a form? Is there a workaround? I can't think of a single project where this CAN'T be used...


I'm using Smartsheet more and more to provide simple solutions to my clients regarding their work (finance,



I'm having an issue with a sight where there is blank space at the bottom of the sight which will not go away. This looks ok when using the sight in smartsheet, but when it's embedded in another application using an iframe, it leaves some space. That means the height of the frame has to be