Hey guys.

I am just starting to setup a sheet for a huge sports event that shall provide all relevant info, but also be used live to update the onsite status.

Basically there will be about 10 stations that will be identically except for individual timings and some details (i.e. number of people per


Hi there:)

I have a sheet used as a "Maintenance Request" sheet. It is populated by a form. Each person submitting a request provides their name/email into the "Submitted By" column. This allows them to receive an alert once the job is complete.

I have frustration coming from the maint dept. when

Josh Fargason



Here's the situation:

I have a bar chart on a dashboard that displays the dollar value of bids submitted by week going back the last five weeks and another for the last five months to help the estimating team track where we are on meeting goals.  At the moment the labels under the bars are Last


Hi there,

I've imported our team google calendar into a smartsheet no problem, and I can see all the entries, however when I try to present this in a sight the calendar grid is displayed without any entries. 

I've 'published' the source sheet with the calendar import, and both the source sheet and


Good afternoon

I am creating a bid invitation sheet and need to list GC bidders per each job (row).

  1. How do I create an autofill for these cells based on a directory I have created?
  2. and once the GC is selected in this cell how do I autofill the column next to it with one of their many estimators at


OK sleuths, this one is for you.  We are an organization that loves powerpoint, and no matter what dashboards we create, a powerpoint presentation is typically still needed. We need a way to consolidate our project status in one easy document or dashboard. Is there any way to create the either of


Hi there,

We manage store fitouts. With every project, the sheets are identical. I have created 16 sheets to manage 16 projects.

I have just recently added few rows, all identical, on all 16 sheets.

When I run reports, it does list certain rows (newly created).

Puzzled, I simplified the report to


I'm almost certain that there is no solution to this situation, however, here goes.  I have a workspace with approximately 35 project sheets.  Each project has approximately 50 tasks and each has a schedule status in a "Schedule" column.  I want to be able to count these tasks based on their stats