Patrick Bridges


Are there Smartsheet functions for enumerating the predecessors of a row?

I've been prototyping SmartSheets for managing a pretty sizeable research project (multiple FTEs over several years), potentially replacing Asana for group project management. The reporting is nice, as is the combination of


Hi community,

I am facing a problem with a specific sheet and can't find a suitable solution. Every helping hand is really appreciated.

What's happening?

I have a sheet where our colleagues are listing their projects. There is a row for the name of the project leader. This row is defined as "Dropdown


I have been attempting set up a relational database for multiple client use.  This database should track records (rows including child rows) as it progresses through different phases.  Projects may stop periodically and should be searchable and may be re-started later.  I have tried using 3 column


We currently use a portfolio sheet that tracks our pipeline of clients and organizes them by stages. We love this sheet as it provides us with very useful management level information.  However, it does not allows us to manage the "work".  It just gives us an overview - which is the intention.  



Hi all,

We're using Smartsheet to plan content development and scheduling for a radio station.  We'd like to create lanes in the Card View for each day of the week (I already know how to do that part).  But each row in grid view already has a broadcast date assigned to it, which of course feeds the