How do you save your sheet to be viewed as card view every time.  I am not sure how the sheet orginated,  may have been a previous template for project management.  But people that are shared to the sheet open it in Grid view,  any suggestion on how to save it to card view every time?


Hi. I have four projects, each assigned to a unit division. Each project has tasks in different implementation stages. By default, Smartsheet counts how many tasks are in each stage (column). I want to use that counting to display in a dashboard, so I can see the status of tasks implementation by


I have a sheet published in Card View on our company Wiki page with Read Only - Full features.

I'd like to have the ability to set the Published Card View to match how I have my sheet set up and not a generic Card View. 

For example, I have several lanes collapsed, 'All Levels' selected, Specific


Good morning,

I am trying to build/find a Bank Statement Checklist that will notifiy me of all missing bank statements.  For example, as of today, we should theoretically all bank statements from October 2018 and prior.  I would like a monthly email sent out notifying me or somebody of all missing