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I have a sheet used as a "Maintenance Request" sheet. It is populated by a form. Each person submitting a request provides their name/email into the "Submitted By" column. This allows them to receive an alert once the job is complete.

I have frustration coming from the maint dept. when



I am using Smartsheet to allocate tasks for projects which i use gantt and grid view for.

My team need to look at their tasks allocated to them in card view, but i am not able to sort the card view by the assigned to column

I do have multiple contacts enabled in the assigned to column, would



I just received a Smartsheet license today, so very new at this. I developed a form to gather information from users and automatically plug into a sheet. This will work nicely for capturing the data, but not so much for presenting the info in a meeting.

Does anyone know if it's possible to


Hi there! I am seeking some advice on how to ensure that when you add someone in Grid view that they show up in card view as well. I am also needing some advice on how to remove someone who has nothing assigned to them from the "Assigned To" view in card view. Is this possible? Thanks in