Hi everyone! I am looking for a way (if possible) to remove the row data from the email alerts. I can create a custom message to relay only the information I want, but it adds all the row data at the end of the email. Is there a way for the alert email to ONLY send the custom message I create? I


I have an end user I am trying to build a records sheet for and I can't figure out how to accomplish a change count cleanly. We have thousands of rows/records in a sheet with one of the fields/columns being a Status.They do a monthly review of how many records moved to different statuses in that



Is it possible to create a pdf report based on one form entry? I know I can send an email confirming what has been entered on a form, however I would like to make this a pdf attachment rather than the body of the email.


Hello, I am unable to take an email document stored in smartsheet and save to box.  I have tried to download the email, save it to computer desktop and receive the error.

"a resource is busy or you lack sufficient access rights or permissions"

I have tried to download the email document and while