Hi, I have a problem with my smart, it does not allow me to send mail, it tells me to exceed the maximum amount of email that I can send from my account, to put me in touch, help me see if there is an option to delete emails or something not to increase the amount of


I'm wondering if there's a way for me to receive an email from a colleague where they ask me to view/update/edit a sheet, click on the 'Open in Smartsheet' button, and have it open in the Smartsheet desktop app - NOT in my web browser?

I like to work exclusively in the app, and it's extra steps to


Hi all,

Been looking but cannot find an answer. I am using SmartSheet with a rental property I have. I want to send guest the information on the property a week before they arrive. I have set up a date field that is a week before check-in. I can see using that as the trigger, but my email appears to


I am using a sheet to manage a client contract approval process. 

I am imagining attaching the draft contract to the sheet itself or to a single row towards the top of the sheet.  I have several approvers listed below in separate rows and need to send out requests for approval with the draft