hey crew. 

So I am trying to notify customers when somthing in a certain cell in their row changes.

So I created a column where I can put in email address of the customer. Then I made the alert that anytime that column changes that the customers email would be notifed. Well, I used my email as a


Good morning,

I am trying to build/find a Bank Statement Checklist that will notifiy me of all missing bank statements.  For example, as of today, we should theoretically all bank statements from October 2018 and prior.  I would like a monthly email sent out notifying me or somebody of all missing


I've sent a series of Update Requests to external emails and I've had about 50% response rate.  I have had someone check the validity of the remaining email addresses and we've found several of the email addresses are no longer valid (they don't exist) and several others are issuing Out of Office


Hello Smartsheet community!

I'm asking if there's a way to limit the emails received after each update is submitted through an update request and waiting for approvals? or cancel them and rely solely on the app notification?

I have many tasks in each project and I set myself to approve all updates