The Gmail add on worked twice, but now doesn't place the email into the spreadsheet.  It still finds the spreadsheet and the rows, but when you either select an existing row or attempt to add a row the cursor circles for a few seconds then stops and nothing further happens.  Not sure where to go


Unfortunately my work email address is on-premises Exchange Server so I cannot use the Outlook Plug-in (very disappointing as that would simplify my world tremendously). So far I have not seen an alternative such as a unique email address I can forward emails to auto-add to tasks in smartsheet (such


We want to be able to auto-send a PDF of projects to our clients on a weekly basis. Can we do this somehow?

I know we could share a report for them to view at their own convenience, however, we can't be sure that they will log on to view it regularly which is necessary.

to make it easier for them,