Hello All, 

We use comments pretty extensively to communicate updates and share "next step" info internally. I would like to request updates, and include comments to external collaborators, but prevent them from seeing what has been previously posted. Is there a way to do this? 



I've attempted multiple times to create a function that result in Blue, Yellow, Green, Red health and it has been unsuccessful. 

Here are the results that I am aiming at: 

On Track > "Complete" "In Progress" = Green

Ahead > "Complete" = Green

Ahead > "In Progress" = Blue

At Risk > "Not Started" "In



I am wondering whether smartsheet can support "comments" and “cell merge”?

-Cell comments: Write a comments for the value in the cell, like excel?

- Cell merge: merge the adjacent cells as one cell

- Two level columns headers: Ex:

Level 1: Jan

Level 2: Qty, Amount, Price

Now I can only write


Hello community!

    I am looking for a seemingly easy solution which I can't find. While the workflow automation helps in many ways, the "actions" available seem to be greatly lacking. For example in google sheets + scripts + triggers, I can have a cell update based on a formula from a time driven


We use smartsheets to run our customer projects.  The approach we have used to date is to create a workspace for each customer, with the necessary sheets - all from a template.  This works really well, as the customers need to review and contribute to several of the sheets that we use, and the


I wanted to create a filter or workflow based on a comment added within a certain data range.

What I am trying to accomplish. - I need a filter or a workflow based on a  no comment being added to a line within a data range. So if a person does not add a comment to a line between Monday and Friday. I