Hello everyone,


I have been using the proofing feature in our team for internal proofing. I have an issue where as soon as you add a new document version, the previous versions are no longer visible they sit loading. You can still download the older version you just can't see them on the proofing


I have just been assigned the task of setting up the Project Management Office in my company. For now I need two things, firstly a project tracker for tracking and monitoring individual projects and then a master portfolio tracker where all the info that's updated in the individual trackers feed


I am trying to create a formula that counts how many jobs are due to start in a month, that havent already been started. I have created the below formula to try and count the jobs in the current month:

=COUNTIFS({Tippa JC Status}, ="", {Tippa Start}, MONTH({Tippa Start}) = MONTH(TODAY()))


Then I