When I try to sign in to Skype for Business, there will be a pop up for the sign in, but it quickly goes away and tries to do it all over again. I am using Google Chrome, and there are a few more people in our office having similar


I am trying to add lag time to a project but when I hover the mouse in any cell in the Predecessors column nothing happens. The Edit Predecessors form does not appear. Please help, I've tried everything.

"To make changes to the relationships between dependents and their predecessors, click edit-predecessors Edit



I am trying to deploy a reimbursement system for my office.

Once a person submits a form via smartsheet, I need to have a PDF pre-filled with all of the info including the ones that will be linked to other cells. 

Once the PDF is prefilled, I will need it to go thru DocuSign for signature. Once


Question – We have created ‘contact sheets’ to track an employee’s contacts with clients.  We utilize the comment boxes to track specifics.  If we would like to transfer just a line (not the entire sheet) from one employee to another, is there a way to also copy or transfer the comment


It would be great if I could look at the sheet properties and have a section to place a comment pertaining to the entire sheet - sometimes it's useful to have a note on the purpose of the sheet and other useful information for users. The comment would apply to the entire sheet not just individual


I've seen posts that contain links that create an action, such as "click here and a copy of that sheet will appear in your instance of Smartsheet"

I cant find the OP, and cant recall if she was staff perhaps, but the link worked.

Is it possible then for me to create links to actions, for instance a