Hello all - 

I am building a dashboard and wanted to include a few charts. However, my charts come up fuzzy, regardless of size. 

See below. These are pretty nicely sized on my dashboard and still showing blurry. I saw from a post in Nov 2018 this was a known issue.

Anyone else have this issue? Any



I have a master vendor list sheet that contains a checkbox column for vendor type.  I would like to create a new sheet that pulls over just the vendors that have the vendor type column checked.  I need a separate sheet so I can use it for widget in my dashboard.  I don't want to filter or


How do i change the data source of a metric widget? 

You can 'add data' but this adds a new one. 

In my particular use case we can now copy and paste widgets between dashboards, however this is no way to edit the data, ie use the widget as a template.

For me, we have a standard project template, and


I'm very new to Smartsheet and hoping someone can help me. I have created a checklist, with different categories divided up by parent rows, and the tasks listed as children under the categories. I have a checkbox column and each task (in the children rows) has a checkbox. I have figured out how to


Hi! I am trying to create a Master Project sheet that would include subprojects inside of the same sheet. Basically so I can track the dates and overlapping of tasks in the subprojects. 

Is this something that Smartsheets can do? I know I can do it in MS Project and just add each subproject as it's