Here is the formula I'm using...

=IF([End Date]56 > TODAY() + 7, "Future Task", IF(AND([End Date]56 < TODAY() + 7, [End Date]56 > TODAY(), [% Complete]56 < 1), "On Schedule", IF(AND([End Date]56 < TODAY(), [% Complete]56 < 1), "Late", "Complete")))

The formula works to identify Future and Late


I am in the Medical Device industry. I am looking for some bench marking information around what  a well rounded CAPA system Metric should look like. 


For example: What is the typical percentage of CAPA types in your CAPA System. For example: Random numbers here:

78% Corrective

14% Preventive



What am I doing wrong?  The formula was fine when I did the tower in air dates from today - 12.31.19, but as soon as I tried to add the condition of lease probability being above 49% it doesn't work. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!



=COUNTIFS({C. *Ground Lease Tower In Air Date}, >=TODAY(),



I have a workflow created using Zapier so that when a new row is added to my master project sheet via a form entry it will update the first row in a template sheet and create a new project sheet from that sample sheet. This all works great with the exception I have one formula that uses a


Sometime last week I noticed my view in Smartsheet (using Chrome) no longer has the tabs at the top of all of the current open sheets.  How can I get this view back?  It was much more efficient than the pinning option we have now.  Also, the recently reviewed Smartsheets would be great if it


I'm struggling with the new layout and welcome any suggestions.  I do not have the dashboard level subscription - just below that, I think.  I HATE that I have lost my tabs, and I hate that the menu button ALWAYS takes me back to the RECENTLY VIEWED as opposed to the Home.  This new layout just