Hello - I am new to Smartsheet, so I have A LOT to learn!  smiley

Since attachments are not stored locally in Smartsheet, I need to save files requiring updates in OneDrive.  Rather than maintaining OneDrive access separately, is there a connector that will allow me to manage access to OneDrive based on


I have individual sheets created for 4 people (one being mine) where we have lines for all our tasks. I use a Report to consolidate all 4 sheets.

However, when I have a  new task I want to assign, I prefer not to have to access each of their sheets to add a line. I'd like to add the task line on my


My team has a spreadsheet that is shared internally (editing access) and externally (viewing access only).

For the external partners that use the sheet with viewing access only, is there a way for them to hide or filter to the columns that pertain to them? They need to see all of the rows, but not