was hoping to get some help on an issue i am having .. we have an inventory control sheet .. we would like to use a web form(s) to not only take out something of the inventory but to also add something to the inventory.  I added a Category column and that is reflected in a dropdown list that


The first column are the dates I complete a task. The fourth column are how many days I have to complete the task. I'm trying to predict the completion date as I enter the dates in the first column. The expected completion date will move up or down depending whether or not I finish the task on time


I would like the ability to search or show the Community Posts that have no answers.

If I skim through the new posts from the past week or so, there are several that no one has responded to yet, despite several very active and helpful Community Members. 

If there is a way to do this already (like a


Hi Smartsheet community!

I have the following problem:

I have a Smartsheet with a long list of items. These items will be shipped in several shipments and several collis, on different dates and to different locations. I would like to extract an shipment overview from this complete list of items that


I have written a script to fetch all data from a Smartsheet. i am using Smartsheet's get_sheet('sheet_id') method to fetch my Smartsheet, which has 500 rows but i am only getting exactly 300 row objects, after 300 row objects an error like this being thrown "Too large to show contents. Max items to