I've read through all the replies on this but have not found the resolution yet

I want to display RYG balls in a new column i created that corresponds to the project Status and Finish Date.  The new column Properties is RYG Balls

The formula works, but only shows as text

Formula i created:




I want to fill date column based on status column.

1) If status is  "In Progress" "Actual Date" is filled by today's date.

2) If status is "Completed" then "Completion date" is filled by today date.

For now I am using =IF([email protected] = "In Progress", TODAY(), "") same for completion date

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I'm having issues with the following formula and I'm not sure why.


Task Formula below:

=IF(ISBLANK([Start Date]@row), "Blue", IF([Start Date]@row >= TODAY(), "Blue", IF(AND([At Risk]@row = 1, [End Date]@row <= TODAY()), "Red", IF(AND([End Date]@row <= TODAY(3), [% Complete]@row < 0.75), "Yellow",




I need help with finding a way to automate the RYG balls so that if no dates are input, it's white. If the first date is input, it's red. If the second date is input, its yellow. And if the final date is input, it's green.


Thank you !


We use Servicenow for technical incident management. Some incidents evolve into work packages for specific tech teams. These teams use SmartSheet for task management. So migrating an incident in ServiceNow to an action item in SmartSheet would be handy.

Anyone done that?


I've attempted multiple times to create a function that result in Blue, Yellow, Green, Red health and it has been unsuccessful. 

Here are the results that I am aiming at: 

On Track > "Complete" "In Progress" = Green

Ahead > "Complete" = Green

Ahead > "In Progress" = Blue

At Risk > "Not Started" "In