I used the dashboard as a way to communicate to many within our organization, as many of you do. Recently, this week, it looks like now when anyone clicks on any link within the dashboard a new window opens rather than a new tab within the same window. Also the new Tab is not expandable. I do not


We use SmartSheets to collect a large amount of data using a form.  We reach the Smartsheet size limits almost weekly.  Currently we log in each week, export the data to excel, and then delete rows based on a date criterion.

I have looked at Zapier.  It looks like I can have it email me the data in


Hello - I have searched the community and have found a "work-around", but it doesn't work.  I am trying to show a calendar view of a clients project on a client dashboard. I only want them to be able to see it.  I don't want them to have any any interaction, just see it as a reference.  Is this



I'm trying to track tasks that are completed after the due date. I used this formula to indicate when an task was past due and not complete but once the task is checked off as complete it no longer works, well it works it just doesn't give me the data I'm looking for. 



Hi everyone,

I need some help with a formula that just doesn't want to work for me. Currently my status column changes according to the {Proof Approval - Kim} column. It works fine (formula shown below)

Now I want to add on to this formula so, if the column {Out For Approval} is checked, I want the



I looking for solution or moreover a formula to get a project name back as per RYG status.

But i am getting problem, i have a same RYG for more then one projects.

For example: i want a list of projects As RYG "RED", the selection has to show me 2 projects in retuen

Project 1       Red

Project 2