I am hoping someone has an idea for a solution to my problem. I have an inventory that keeps track of giveaways. I created a second sheet with a form to fill out how many of each giveaway I pack for each event. I count the giveaways that come back after the event, and I need a way for this


Im having an issues creating this formula and was hoping someone could help improve on my formula. 

Im trying to create a HEALTH flag marked "Green" if the task is not due today, "Yellow" if the task is due today, and "Red" if the task is past due.

However, the HEALTH flag should stay blank if: 



I'm creating a form to collect Order information from users and facing a difficulty with an order having multiple items. I want to create a form which allows users to input multiple items in one order request. Each item will have each price and quantity. How can I do that in smartsheet?


We use SharePoint for our project information, forms, and such and we use Smartsheet for our project schedules.  I would like to be able to link the log in page in SharePoint so when my PM's click on the Smartsheet button in SharePoint that they are provided with the login screen to Smartsheet and