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I am trying to build/find a Bank Statement Checklist that will notifiy me of all missing bank statements.  For example, as of today, we should theoretically all bank statements from October 2018 and prior.  I would like a monthly email sent out notifying me or somebody of all missing


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we are using Status View at the moment to share the actual status of IT requests (Demands) to the requestors of different department. The access is given to the requestor via their email address they have to maintain while handing in the request and then they have to login in to status



Whenever, I try to use if statements or so, the screen blurs and is very irritating to the eye. Could this be fixed ?


Example :


=IF(AND([Total Man hours]7 >= 1, [Total Man hours]7 <= 16), 1, IF(AND([Total Man hours]7 >= 17, [Total Man hours]7 <= 39), 2, IF(AND([Total Man hours]7 >= 40, [Total


I'm automating the update request and reminder stages to update my activities. The worksheet is not shared, but I've enabled the alert permissions for the least restrictive.

The actions and alerts indicator column appears in the reminder symbol and is in pending status, but is not sending email to