I have three different gantts with some summary data that is fed into the main project data sheet. Only one of the gantt sheets is used in a project, so I thought of linking each of the gantts' data (exact same field/cell in each sheet) to a cell in the project data sheet - then just grab the one


I am trying to perform a Global Update to all of our existing projects to include additional data for us to report against that is currently captured on our Intake Sheet. 

I have been successful in adding this additional reporting data to newly provisioned projects but am unable to now incorporate




I have a status column in my row that changes from "animating" to "approved" and would like the start and end date columns to update when status is changed.



1. When status column changes to "animating" - start date needs to capture the date(fixed value) it was changed to "animating"



Hello Smartsheet,

Reposing again in hopes that you can assist me. I've added a new sheet to my Blueprint (I've done this before). The sheet has one profile field (Project Name). I don't need anything on the sheet to report out to anywhere. When I try to save my Blueprint, I receive an error "add