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HI All 


I am tidying up our smartsheet account into workspaces as it was getting a bit messy. Is there a way to move sheets into a workspace without having to Save As and then reshare? 






I am aware that you can view a cell history - is there a way to export an entire sheet and look at all cell history? 


The log doesnt provide enough data. 


What we are trying to do is track the history of a cell to track when it was first inputted to when it reaches its final stage in the



I am currently running reports which summarise an individual's outstanding actions across different smartsheets. The idea is that they can update the report rather than having to look at multiple reports however when trying to add in comments they cant - am I correct in thinking that they can




Strange one but when inserting contacts the logos are appearing on different sheets differently. i.e. we have  David Thomas and David Ramage - on one sheet they appear as DT and DR however on the next they both appear with D logo - this could get confusing. Is there a reason why this happens?




I am looking to do a nested if so if a value is x y is returned, see below details-;


  • IF COM = A
  • IF CR = B
  • IF HAR = C
  • IF ARF = D
  • IF AR = E
  • IF PSRF = F
  • IF PSR = G
  • IF 2020 PSR = L

I am having an issue with the below formula's (whichever way round I put it):


=IF(Type117 = "PSR", "G",