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I'm a Program Administrator at NAVEX Global. I use Smartsheet to manage my projects, as well as keep an up to date record of the status of my entire team's projects.


I want to set up a notification to begin a task when the predecessors of the task are completed. The tasks in question have two predecessors each and I cannot for the life of me figure out a way to have the completion of those predecessors trigger an alert to the people assigned to the tasks so that


Did I set up this alert to be too specific? I want to have an individual notified when a row to which they are assigned to has the status change to "In Progress". I'm trying to test it now but have doubts about the "In a row where any status is In Progress" line I included. The red in the picture is



I am trying to find a way to determine resource allocation in project plans so that they more accurately reflect the availability of my team in the resource view.

We have individual project plans for each project, which all feed into the main status sheet. Each project plan is broken down