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Hi all , 

I am coordinating a project portfolio with many projects assigned to colleagues . 

I have set a formula in a column wich takes the value of a " yellow ball " when a project is ongoing . And I want an update request to be  sent automatically every THURSDAY so that  , the colleague to whom


Hi Everyone,

I am using a sheet too manage and track mails received by my department , and I am having troubles defining a formula to automatically display in a symbol type column ( called Statuts ) , a ball whose coulour depends on some circumstances .

I would like to precise that I am using the


Currently I'm using this formula =COUNTIF(Status:Status, "") to summarize all the blank cells in the Status column. 


The issue is that it also counts the Status cells that are just blank rows at the bottom of the sheet.  Is there a way to count only the blank Status cells if there is also


I would like to send a regular Update request for a  whole sheet - not just a row in a sheet.


Alternatively I would like to be able to set an Alert to go out automatically every week / fortnight / day rather than according to a specific date.


At the moment I have to set up individual alerts to