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Hi there!

I am trying to make a master reporting sheet that is just a sum of another source sheet based on specific criteria of parent and child rows. It's a two step SUMIFS that I can't seem to get straight. It would need to be a sum "grand total count", if hierarchy 0 month = specified month and


Hello all, 

We use a form for our open order sheet. We removed an item from our product list and I want to hide this item in our open order sheet (not deleted it, incase we add a new product because I already have all the automation and reporting set to include these columns). I have NUMEROUS hidden


Hi All -

I am uploading a .csv file into a Smartsheet sheet. One of the columns within the .csv file is formatted to contain '$ prior to the numbers within the cell (so when opening in Excel, it will not convert the cell contents into scientific notation). I need to remove the '$ text from the cell,



I wish there was a way to link a report to a sheet - does anyone know how to do this, or is it possible? I am hitting my link capacities for our production reporting, but what I really wish I could do is to sum a qty in a report and then graph it on a dashboard. 

Is there anything in the