I've seen a few people asking questions that lead me to believe I am not the only person looking for a labor tracking solution NOT at the day level.  To use the resource tools in SS we would need people to estimate their workload on a daily basis with start and end dates.

We want people


I am getting the "this action could not be completed because your sheet as exceeded the maximum recommended size" error on a sheet that I don't think is at the maximum.  I have 3,256 rows and 8 columns which, if my math is correct, is 26,048 cells, no where near 200,000.  I got the error when trying


I would like to request that the most recent comment in the discussion function be able to be mirrored in a cell in that same row. This would allow us to quickly scan a sheet full of data and see what the latest comment is without switching views.


I have a need for users when updating or entering data in a cell in a smartsheet that they must complete some mandatory fields.  A webform has this function, however on existing rows it would be ideal to have users who are given updates or entering in a new row to have to complete some mandatory