My Form has

Dropdown Field Options 1. Debit Order 2. Cash

Other Fields: Account Number; Bank; Debit Date

Is there a method to Lock the other fields in the form when form user select the Cash Option. 

The form users always ask why they need to enter Account Numbers when they have selected Cash


Is anyone using Microsoft Edge?  Are you seeing any issues?  I personally use Chrome, however, some of our team in APAC recently converted to Windows 10 and are now using Edge.  From time to time, even though Smartsheet is accessible, they see weird things, such as yellow highlights of cells that


I know on 26Aug19 brought the new Attachments in Right Panel logic.  Question from a consistency perspective, is there plans to create this same look and feel in reports as well.  At the moment, if you are in a Sheet, you see the new attachment logic, however, if you are in a Report, you see the old


Is this possible?  I went to try and create a metrics sheet from the report but it doesn't show up.  Building the report was supposed to group all of my similar items together, why can i not then build a metric sheet to create my Dash based upon that


For some reason I am having trouble getting this formula to function in SmartSheet (even though it works in Excel)...

I am wanting to populate a "Y" in 'Valid Approval?' column only when one of the following 2 situations occur:

1) 'Primary Approval' says "Approved" AND 'Secondary Approval' says