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Good Day,

I am trying to set a Symbol value using this IF statement but I get a "#Incorrect argument Set

=IF([Prev Year Difference]3, =0, "Unchanged", IF([Prev Year Difference]3, <0, "Up", "Down"))

The column/cell that I am using the formula in is defined as a "Symbol" using the "3 Direction" Up,


Hi I am trying to create a countif formula with multiple criteria . Heres what I am trying to do

Countif Column1 = 1 and column 2 = N/A or Received at home


I tried this formula but assume it is a check And for all 3 conditions as I get a value of 0

=COUNTIFS([Campus Id #]:[Campus Id #], =1, [ASA



I have created a form to capture Company personnel’s proposed ideas to improve cost savings, quality and safety. With this I have also created a Dashboard to give a snapshot of the progress of all Idea’s submitted.

On the dashboard I created a button that I had intended for a person