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For this particular use case, we only want to see the Gantt cart and don't care about the data in the left pane.

I want to be able to show a real time timeline display in the dashboard. But the widget not only displays the sheet view of the data, but it seems to favor it as well limiting my ability


I want to create an IF condition where if a cell contains a symbol on another sheet that equals "New" then populate that value otherwise, leave it blank.  I have this formula:

=IF({New Applicant(s) Range 1} = "New", {New Applicant(s) Range 2})

According to what I've read in the HELP, the False



I'm relatively new to Smartsheet and have inherited a complex network of sheets that reference other sheets. Unfortunately there are a lot of entries where come of the cells are properly linked but others are not and it wold be very helpful to write a report or come up with a filter that can


Hi everyone,

I'm needing to report on elapsed days for a few tasks. Anyone know how to do this?

Note - this is different from the 'duration' function that already exists in the Gannt view. That is where I have a start and end date. In this example, I have a start date, but no end date quite yet.