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I am trying to get the task name of the current milestone to populate a cell so I can use that cell in a dashboard. I have a helper column that counts the number of days until due, and can get the lowest number in the range that is >0, no problem. How can I return the Task Name of the row that I


I am trying to find the min value of CHILDREN in a column of numbers where the value of the [% Complete] cell in the row of that column is not = 100%, but, again, only for the CHILDREN. 


=MIN(COLLECT(CHILDREN(), [% Complete]:[% Complete], @cell < 1))




I am trying to return the earliest date in a Date Column where another column does not contain "Done".

Simple statement, but I am completely flummoxed.

Additionally, I need to return this date to a non-date column. I am using this formula to grab the earliest date that appears in the entire column


In taking the eAcademy course, in the Cell Linking chapter, I am told to link to a file in the eAcademy workspace. When I try to do that, I notice that I have no access to any workspaces from the link to functionality.

I can get my learning about this concept from the class. My concern is, moving