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In taking the eAcademy course, in the Cell Linking chapter, I am told to link to a file in the eAcademy workspace. When I try to do that, I notice that I have no access to any workspaces from the link to functionality.

I can get my learning about this concept from the class. My concern is, moving


In the Chart Widget, under the Series tab, is there a way to get Smartsheet to recognize columns that currently have a value of zero?

I need to do this to lock in the colors of those columns, and you can't choose the color of the column when the value of that column happens to be


Inside of Outlook, I have clicked "Store Add-ins", found "Smartsheet for Outlook" and clicked that. I then clicked the blue "Add" button. This then briefly changes to "Adding..." then to "Added". 

When I go into my Outlook email list, there is no Smartsheet icon. When I go back into "Store Add-ins"