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Good evening,

I will try and explain this without messing up

  • We are using smartsheet to track fabrication of product
  • each row is an item we fabricate
  • each item has a budgeted amount of time per task designated in a column
  • they are python, fit up , weld, unload, and admin
  • the sum of alloted time is


Good afternoon

We have a bid invite sheet that we fill out with prospective jobs (each row is a prospective job) to bid on. It has multiple columns of Data that if we decide to bid on the job would need to be transferred to our sales/estimating sheet. 


If we had a YES/No drop down column and we


Good evening


We have forms we created where one of  our form entries is the name of the project. When we create a new project in smartsheet how can we make it so that the project is automatically included in the form dropdown so that we do not have to manually add the project to the drop down of