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I have this formula in a checkbox =IF(Date1 > [Stop Date]1, 0, 1) Stop date is a date field with =TODAY() - 15 and Date is any given date. The idea is to check items where Date is in the last two weeks other wise don't check it. It does not work. If I enter a date newer than TODAY()-15 ir unchecks.


Why is the width of the dashboard constrained? It seem to at best only use 2/3's of a typical HD screen.

When can we expect some upgrades to the dashboard layout and tools. It is very clunky and has very little in the way of options for


I strongly dislike the new UI with regards to placement. Almost every screen has a landscape orientation and by making the toolbar go across the screen rather than down you have take valuable screen real estate from me. Your UI should push to maximize the height of viewable data. At A min give us


I have an issue list with numerous people assigned tasks. I use the approval process when ever someone closes an item. The problem I have is that if the owner of that item closes it they have to go through the approval process. Is there a way I can avoid this? would comparing the modified to