HI ,

I Have set up an Approval Request Which works amazing 

My only Issue is that my client that needs to approve the job Request 

Gets in his email for each Request line an email but its an auto Reply  to the Previous Request 

Is there a way by the delivery settings to set that the subject of the


​HI Guys,

i have just tested this amazing new future of allowing a non

​ ​

smart sheet user to get notifications 

i was trying to set it up for clients To receive a notification when i updated a new payment into their Receive payment sheet 

It works amazingly just 1 problem the attachment of the row


Good afternoon ,

I would like to take off from the first few lines from my sheet the grid not from the total sheet only from the top

is their to do that .  if so i can make my sheets into a nice looking invoice now i download it into excel and do it from there 


any ideas ?


Hi Community 


Im having an issue with index and match 4


i have imported from Excel 


the sheet is set as follows 

Item Name Vendor name 1  vendor rate 2 etc,



Item #102 Rate on vendor 1 20.00 rate on vendor 2 25.00 then i have a coulmn calculating the best price =min on vendor




I Am Trying to find out if i can do a Vlookup from another sheet ?


Basicaly i have a sheet With items and Pricing from 3 Diferent Vendors 


I want on a diferent sheet have all my items in a srop down list and the Rate should Be looked up from the Prcing sheet in other Words i want to Quote