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I'm really struggling to get the syntax right on this.  I have a column called "% Complete" and a due date column called "Finish."  If the % Complete < 100 and the due date is today or already passed, I want to turn on a flag in the "At Risk" column.  Ideally I'd actually like to flag it if the due



I would like for the RYGB status to be updated based on BOTH a due date (I already know how to do the status based on only due date), AND on the selection of a drop down menu in 5 other columns.  


Red is past due AND "completed" or "N/A" are not selected in the drop down menu in multiple


I am trying to Sum up the parent rows and am getting an "Unparseable" from my formula. Here's the formula. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I have tried 1 to 4 closing parentheses as well. Same thing. 

=SUM(PARENTS([ST Rev ($)]5:[ST Rev ($)]65)