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Good Day,

We are struggling with getting a "Years in service" calculator to work, after having pulled all the formulas that could be found by previous posts, still no luck.

=IF(AND(MONTH([Start Date]1) >= MONTH(TODAY()), DAY([Start Date]1) > DAY(TODAY())), YEAR(TODAY()) - 1 - YEAR([Start Date]1),


This is my formula:

=IF(AND([Scheduled Complete]6 < TODAY(), [Document Added]6 = 0, Complete6 = 0), 1, 0)

Not sure what i'm missing but as soon I check the box for document added it clears my flag. I don't want the flag to clear until all three criteria are


Hi All,


I am trying to create a formula (assuming a combo of if/or is the way to go), but keep getting "incorrect argument set. They work independently, but not when I combine them. I basically want to search for either of the following in a cell and then return a value.

Look for any of the