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I am trying to execute the sample API code on GITHUB, in python for me to read and write sheets. 

I don't understand the use of the following line of codes.

Do I need to replace _file_ ? and what do I replace it with ?

_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))

# The API identifies



I am handling a number of projects and making Gantt charts to track their progress.

The data for these charts are stored in MS Excel sheets on my local drive. It becomes cumbersome to manually import the dates and numbers to update the Gantt chart. I want to know, if there is way I can



Is it possible to generate Project IDs in Smartsheet ? And can these be done using the Auto-Numbers feature ?

I have a master sheet containing a list of all the projects that have been under taken in a specific year. I need to assign Project IDs for each project. 

Can one generate auto



I have three columns that are dependent on one another. 

The first column contains the dropdown list: Received, Awaiting, Not Required. 

The second column consists of check boxes and the third column is % complete column. 

Is it possible to make the check box cell for a particular row