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I have a Master Smart Sheet and a number of other smartsheets linked to the Master sheet. 

I have trouble linking the end dates to this Master Sheet but no trouble with the start dates. 

I need to link the end date as that's the one that can keep varying and it is a lot of work to updating the



I have two columns : Deliverable status and Task status and I have the following conditions applied to the task status column: 

1. If deliverable status = reported or shipped, then task status  = complete

2. If deliverable status  = awaiting results, then task status = ongoing

3. If deliverable



I need to calculate the cumulative percentage of n number of tasks completed under a parent row.

For example, I have 10 objects to report within three days and on the first day I report  4 objects, on the second day 3 objects and on the last day 3 objects. This means, 40% of the work is complete