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Any plans in the future for letting us update the dashboard background color to any color we'd like? I'd love to be able to use black for dashboard backgrounds, as well as the backgrounds of the widgets, so that when on TV sets around the office, graphs are floating in black instead of a white



Has anyone successfully used dates to pull totals?

I'm trying to do the following:

Columns: Start Date | End Date | Status

                1/2/18           1/10/18     Completed

                1/5/18           1/7/18       Completed

                1/5/18                               Open


Hi there,

I love Shartsheet, but one constant aggravation for me is the inability to merge cells. In my quest for a solution, I've come across a few posts on the blog (some as old as 2015) where similar requests were answered with a generic  "we'll pass this along to our developers" type response.