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I know MS Teams is brand new but would like to cast a vote to add it to the integrations list. Some of the functionality that would be cool would be similar to Asana's integration. Being able to access your directory of sheets from an MS Teams tab and updating the sheet as needed would bring a lot


Building sights take a lot of work and time. I think one way to reduce the amount of time required for building it would be to be able to use the report wizard when selecting the report option. Prebuilding reports and going back and forth between the sight editor seems unecessary. You should be able


Sights look to be a great addition to smartsheet. I am currently in a 10-day trial but I dont see an option for printing the sight. My thought is that it would make a good cover sheet to our status reports going forward. Is this currently an option that Im


It would be helpful if Reports, Reminders and the current Outlook Beta displayed parent task descriptions when information is displayed for sub tasks. In our organization, many sub tasks could have similar descriptions in several phases of our projects. It would be beneifical to see the parent or


Is there a way to have a web form response update or add to a value on an individual task rather than creating a new row. An example of what I am looking for is to have a time card or time worked web form so project members can record hours spent on a specific task, which would then update an hours