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I have had our company on the Smartsheet platform for nearly 6 years. We use it for a variety of tasks from equipment manufacturing and deployment to software development and trouble ticket monitoring. We have most recently been using Smartsheet's dashboard functionality to diagnose and measure hardware issues encountered by our Field Service staff.


Hi all,


I have a spreadsheet that has set up an "Update request".

Now, that same update request was set up to notify both myself and my colleague (since i was on annual leave recently, so nothing was getting left behind).

What happens is, since there are 2 people in the automation, the update


OK sleuths, this one is for you.  We are an organization that loves powerpoint, and no matter what dashboards we create, a powerpoint presentation is typically still needed. We need a way to consolidate our project status in one easy document or dashboard. Is there any way to create the either of