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Hi all,

Is there a formula I can use so that when I change a status in one of the columns, a day counter in another column returns to 1 and starts counting? For example, if I have an entity in "processing" and in another column the number of days it has been in that status, when I change it from



I'm trying to add amounts together from different sheets based on certain criteria. I have my data divided up across multiple sheets because it is more than 500 rows. Is this possible? If so, how do I do this?

My formula for a single sheet is: =SUMIFS({Dollar amount}, {Worksheet Range 1},


I'd like to track the number of days that my entries are in the same status on my grid. For example, I have 3 entries, and I'd like to track the number of days each entry is in status 1, status 2, status 3, and so on. What formula would I need to accomplish this?


I am having trouble formatting my charts. Is there a way to fit the chart to a specific size without the labels going diagonally or some of the data labels to be cut off? I've moved the legend around and changed the font size to the smallest available (8), but any other tips would be


One of my managers would like to use my charts I make with Smartsheet on his report. He makes these reports with word, and would like to copy and paste specific charts into his document. Right now, our only solution is to use the snipping tool, but that isn't very clean. I know I can print my charts


Hello - I'm creating basic bar charts and right now they look cluttered. How do I show the data values EXCEPT when that value is zero? I tried using the 0 formula on the source sheet, but it still showed up on the chart.


I have charts to show progress by week to date, month to date, and year to date. I reference another sheet to indicate the date range for each chart. Is there a way to automate my reference sheet so I don't have to change the dates manually?