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Retired, almost it seems, prosthetist/orthotist. Been dabbling in this stuff for 50+ years. Yes, I'm old. Now trying to help some hospitals stay on top of their billing and claims management. Not an expert at nearly anything, but doggone persistent at nearly everything. Hey, it's a formula that works sometimes.


Long story, short as I can make it. I started to create a list of links in Microsoft Sharepoint until I discovered that it seems to be woefully short with sorting, making child entries, etc. In Smartsheet, I am able to accomplish what I am trying to do with ease. Here's my question. Can Smartsheet


We use Smartsheet in many wonderful ways but, in my opinion, the lack of a method to easily lock a cell with a date and/or time stamp is an open door for a competitors raid. A few years ago, I left Smartsheet because images could not be exported with line item details and there was no "key" to


I am trying to populate a "modified (Date) cell with today's date and time stamp (date only needed) only after populating a dropdown cell with data (non-blank). I've tried NOT(ISBLANK), but to no avail. The dropdown cell is used as a status cell indicating i.e., "complete", "needs follow-up", etc.