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Hi SS Users,


So I have been busy setting up a whole lot of sheets, reports and sights - and been testing them extensively before we roll them out to users.


As part of this testing, I have been typing in 'testing data comments - and some random made up stuff' into cells to test formulas,


Are there any search operators built into Smartsheet?  For instance, I'm looking for a name in a specific sheet and want to search for Bobby in:"Info Master".  I know I can search and then filter deeper, but figured it makes sense to rely on operators to speed up the proeces..


In short... if I pull a date from another sheet using "Link from Cell in Another Sheet", I can't do formulas off that date.  I've verfied that the columns are formatted as dates.  


[Opening Date]1 is linked from another Smartsheet.
I want to add 180 days to the [Opening Date]1.  

[Opening Date]1 =


I have multiple sheets with similar columns, and I'd like to be able to send rows between sheets easily. I know I can just cut and paste, but is it possible to make a button or other similar automation that moves the row from one sheet to another? The Send Row function looks close, but I can only


I'd love  to be able to put both sheet name and content string into the search box and it find what I'm looking for.


For instance... We have a sheet named "UIN" that has our store names and unique store numbers.  I'd love to be able to search UIN Woodway and it find the cell that I'm looking for.