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As the Smartsheet Admin, I create most of the Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards for the Executive team.  When we transfer ownership of all Sheets, Reports, and Dashboards to the Executives, their Dashboard Chart Widgets all state "Source Missing".

Smartsheet's Help Desk provided this response:  "...


Wondering if this is possible: I am trying to create an IF formula in a checkbox column where, based on the Start Date of one of the rows, if the date is in the future, it will not be checked, but if the date is today or in the past, it will be checked.  I was playing around with the below formula


The goal is to count the number of days that an Employee is not assigned work within a given month (MONTH A, MONTH B, etc). 

For example, a given month has 23 working days; I could use NETWORKDAYS of the duration to count the assigned days of that Task; say 19.  To reach my goal, I would simply


The formula I've created isn't working correctly and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. 

=IF([New NCN Score Total]120 = 15, IF([New NCN Score Total]120 <= 14, IF([New NCN Score Total]120 <= 9, IF([New NCN Score Total]120 <= 6, "Very Good"), "Good"), "Poor"), "Very Poor")


15 = Very Good