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I have noticed the following after using smartsheet on Windows7 and IE 9.0. It looks like the selected box is mis-aligned which is offset from the box that youa re typing in.


I have to switch to a new sheet and back again for it to disappear, but it eventually comes back.


Any help would be

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Hi Travis and colleagues, great comunity forum, very impressed! 


Can we have an update on when we will see hours and minutes added to project plans, I seem to recall this was planned for the Spring this year? Also Gantt on Reports?

We have clients waiting for these features. 



I am participating in a Google Hangout tomorrow and one of the topics we will cover are the benefits of using Smartsheet over Microsoft Project. I can come up with plenty of reasons but I wanted to get the Community's opinion and see if there are any real world stories I can share. Thanks everyone!