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How I Use Smartsheet
Smartsheet has been widely adopted at my organization. I have completely eliminated the use of MS Project and have moved almost all of my project management tools over to Smartsheet including the project plan, project calendar, support log, readiness agreement, and configuration inventory sheets. The only thing I haven't moved over is my issue log simply because I don't have the functionality to use different font sizes inside a cell. Other users in our organization use it for focus group logs, marketing campaigns, budget, and strategic planning.


When I need to work in multiple sheets, I find it easier to open several sessions of Smartsheet and have one on monitor 1 and one on monitor 2.  But when I'd like to move the session I have open on monitor 2 over to monitor 1 and nest it at the top in IE, the right side of the screen inside the


Would anyone else find it useful to be able to use use different font color for certain words in a cell only, rather than having to change the font color of the entire cell?  The ability might also be nice to be able to underline and italicize certain words in a cell as well but definitely colored


I have tons of Workspaces for different projects but after I've wrapped up the project documentation, sometimes the WS will live on for "user group" initiatives.  I would now like to pass the torch and make someone else the owner of an entire workspace to manage the future roadmap of a system but


I am starting to use smartsheet more and more  but one thing that hangs me up is the navigation between sheets.

I utilize the sheet tabs at the top of the page but I generally have more open that fit in the space provided and they also typically do not keep any specific order.

What I believe would