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I have been a Smartsheet Trainer and Consultant since October 2016. Prior to using Smartsheet I trained Microsoft Office applications including MS Excel, MS Access and MS Project, all relevant knowledge to use within my Smartsheet Consulting. Along with experience in utilising and teaching clients how to get the most from Smartsheet, I also consult in Business Process Mapping. If you can determine your business processes and define your workflows, then you can see where your IT toolset needs to interact with your processes and you will discover a more streamlined experience of using this amazing collaborative tool.

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Apologies in advance if this has been answered before - and I imagine it must have been since it seems a very obvious and primary requirement for managing projects in a business. Still, for something this fundamental I just can't understand why I can't see anything in the solutions centre or a


I'm trying to work an if/or/and statement to return one of 2 numbers. It would look something like,

 If X or Y or Z and A or B then 0 else 8.

It has me completely stumped my results are always unparsable. Do anyone have a direction to point me in?

Any help would be greatly


I have a master sheet with projects that auto-populate from a form that requestors fill out as needed. 

I created a column named "Request Number" that is a Auto-Number column type. However, I have in the bottom of the page multiple lines with formulas that I use only for my dashboard and although I