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Note the word “form” below does not necessairly mean a Smartsheet form…currently it’s a Word doc


  1. I have a form that need to be completed by at least 2 people.


  1. Once complete, the form need to be reviewed by 1 person
    1. If correction needed return to step 1
    2. If correct move to step 3


  1. Form is sent


I am having a new problem with an existing Smartsheet that has worked fine until now. Existing workflows have stopped working. The problem does not appear to be workflow, but something else going on. We have a workflow that triggers off of a calculated field that is based on data in another



I have a number of "parent rows" with children indented just underneath. Each parent row contains a keyword "launch". I'm hoping someone may be able to assist in a formula. 

What I am looking for in theory, if any children indented rows are flagged at risk, the formula would then flag at