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I am looking as to why during one of the last updates in Smartsheet when using Send to Contact in a Cell in Alerts we no longer see the reference column detail under Recipients in the Manage Workflows Pane. My users are questioning who gets the alert since we only have Trigger and Actions lines


Is there a way to save a sheet as a template that has formula references to another sheet and be able to easily change the reference when using the template? I have a summary and detail sheet that I want to create a template for future use. The summary references the detail. I'd like the Summary


I'm having problems using the COUNTIF function in the new-ish sheet summary.  Everytime I sort rows it changes the range.  For example, in a summary text field I have

=COUNTIF([Column A]1:[Column A]79, =0)

After sorting by a column it becomes 

=COUNTIF([Column A]29:[Column A]43, =0).  Or something


I have update requests set for each employee's annual review. I would like to change one bit of text in the preformatted email. Is there a way to do this? Specifically, the line reads:

Contact Mary Beth or Jesse. 

I would like to remove 'Mary Beth or'

Is there a way to do this without opening each