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I'm having difficult trying to report on metrics that would outline the following:

Identify the number of request types by project


For example, if you have 5 projects, all named differently and 2 request types (new/existing) and you wanted to report in a sheet, to then carry over to a


Hi, I am putting together a sumifs formula and it works for all criteria except this situation:

With my working formulas, my range is just a column value but now I need a formula with the same criteria but I need to range to be the sum of 2 columns.

This is my working formula with a single column


Hi Guys

I have a column that shows when a ticket was created in Smartsheet. Now we just want a column that shows many hours have passed since the ticket was created. 

What formula do you use to show the number of hours passed since created?

We have a Zapier zap hitting the sheet to wake it up every